Campaign goes to Downing Street tomorrow

This Thursday (5th December) health workers, UNISON campaigners and politicians from Rotherham will make their way to Downing Street to deliver a petition signed by 2,500 local people concerned about the future of Rotherham Hospital.

Since Rotherham Show we have asked people to show their support for the hospital as it faces an uncertain future.

On Thursday, local MPs John Healey and Kevin Barron, Cllrs Emma Hoddinott and Brian Steele from Rotherham Council’s Health Scrutiny Committee, and staff and trade unionists from the hospital will take their message to the Prime Minister.

Earlier this year, we revealed how the number of nurses had fallen at the hospital, whilst the number of patients waiting more than four hours in A&E had risen by more than 250%.

Rotherham Hospital is being forced by the government to cut £50 million from its budget and on 19th December, the Hospital Board will agree a long-awaited report about how services should be organised and which services continue to be viable in the long term.

The Board have repeatedly said that all services are under consideration, whilst we want to keep their NHS services local and not lose them to neighbouring towns.

In October John Healey MP challenged the Health Secretary in Parliament over the way that Tory legislation promotes competition considerations over patient care and has publicly called for a hospital merger to be taken off the table.

Gill Garnett, who works in Rotherham’s A&E department and who be part of the delegation to Downing Street says;

“Hospital staff are doing great work under enormous pressure, but they can’t continue to stretch resources thinner and thinner. It’s been great to receive such overwhelming support from the public in Rotherham. We all want our hospital to get through this difficult time so as these big decisions loom we’re sending a clear message to this government about how much Rotherham values its hospital.”

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