Delivered to Downing Street!


A huge thank you to everyone for your support so far! Yesterday we took the messages of more than 2,500 Rotherham people to David Cameron’s front door to let him know how important our local hospital services are.

We hope that together the government and the hospital management will be able to reach an agreement that protects the services that people depend on. In a fortnight’s time we will be able to see the report of the hospital board, which will give us a proper insight for the first time into how the board sees the future of our local services.

Our worry remains that with it’s reckless approach to the NHS, taking money away from frontline services and promoting competition over the interests of patients, the government is making it more and more difficult for hospitals like Rotherham.

We’re grateful for the media coverage today which has helped us to share our concerns more widely.

Please do keep sharing this site and signing people up – add your name if you’ve not already – this isn’t over yet! We will keep you informed about developments at the hospital. And if we need to put the pressure on over the coming weeks and months, we’ll need your help.

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